Do It Yourself

When it comes time to sell your home, you’re usually focused on two things: You want to sell it fast and also get something close to, if not more, than your asking price. Renovation can play a huge part in making this happen.

Check out these four home improvements that can help increase your resale value.

A Remastered Master

They don’t call it the master bedroom for nothing. It’s a pivotal piece of home sweet home. It’s the last room and first room you see every day. Also, more often than not, it’s a key part of any prospective home buyer’s decision.

A New Frontier

We’re talking about space, people. People love extra space. They love space in relationships, space movies (Star Wars, anyone?), and they especially love space in their homes. So, if there’s a way to create an extra room, extra square footage, or even an extra alcove, go for it.

Go Green

Energy efficiency isn’t just a trend, it’s a friend to your budget. Plus, it offers a whole list of other great things. And when you’re selling your home, energy-efficient spaces usually command higher prices.

Make the Ghost Room a Guest Room

We’re talking about your attic here. Ghosts don’t need all that space up in your attic, because they’re ghosts and they can walk through walls and stuff. Your guests, however, cannot and need extra space. And if you can go from three to four bedrooms, that puts your home in a whole different listing category and price bracket. Plus, a lot of attics have super-cool ceilings, so get ready to have fun with all those design options.